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1v1 Basketball, Game 093 DEON vs ZEKE (aka SHAKESPEARE)

Verse One Federation
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Deon got our attention during regular game play and his 5 on 5 skills were on point. We recruited him to play 1v1 and he agreed. About 5 minutes later, by luck or by chance Zeke walked into the gym with Crazy8. We suggested the match and Zeke didn’t hesitate to give the newcomer a crack at it. Check out what happened next. PS watch to the end!

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About: V1F organizes traditional 1 on 1 basketball into a professional sport by tracking player ratings, and holding prize money championship 1 on 1 games to establish a champ. Our goal is to grow and branch out across the world so we can discover the best of the best… maybe that is you.


  1. this guy Deon need to work on his defense ANYONE CAN CROSS HIM

  2. call the "the professor" to this duelo.

  3. Does V1F have a presence in Maryland by any chance?

  4. big brother shoulda told him to stop lacking on d

  5. Dude i need to learn how to Crossover like Zeke… that shit looks PERFECT 😩👏

  6. Zeke would be so much better if he had a jump shot smh…Wish I could some how get a game in this league..would straight kill it

  7. When are you gonna post more vids? And when is the app coming to iphone??

  8. this app will be great for match ups within the twin cities

  9. hit him with the allen iverson crossove.

  10. Zeke has no right, so force him to the right it's simple. Don't fall for that crossover or that hesitation. He can ball though, you gotta give him that.

  11. I'd straight love to do this. been playing my whole life. may win a few, may lose a few, but I'd give anyone hell. where do I sign up?

  12. It look like deon needs to play football or some other sport lol he got his socks rocked off lol

  13. u kinda tricked deon telling him 2 take away left made him commit to it and he got crossed

  14. Why is he yelling Detroit all the time?

  15. I got to get out there against seek no one he play play D!

  16. i d win deon with left hand only!! what is that fuckin defense!?!

  17. stop screaming Detroit he beat you bad so did brandon

  18. people Gon lie on the app and say they won

  19. both of these ninjas are trash I mean garbage juice

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