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1N1 basketball 🏀 match

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  1. நானு பாஸ்கெட் பால் player

  2. She has qualifications for the WNBA…if u know what i mean

  3. Wtf 1v1 isn't played like this dude🤣🤣

  4. Wtf u14 players play better then them man

  5. (AUGUSTIN ZIGAH) j'aime transports île-de-france says:

    Très belle vidéo

  6. That jump by my boy at first was soo… Cool

  7. अमन सिंह राजपूत🚩🚩 says:


  8. She is really a good player 👍👍👍
    Her movement tells it all although if he has scored she has nice dribbling skills than him and also she tried 3point instead of lay up shot in a real game skill and speed first matters physical strength is second

  9. She is not playing only she is pushing the boy

  10. Isn't it foul to block her way during lay-up with body contact.

  11. When a boy defens he isin't even allowed to touch the girl, when a girl defends she can squeeze the guy's balls, nice double standard lmao

  12. So nuub ,, forms are also too bad , the dribbling is also bad , layup too , pls coach teach them the right things

  13. Did anybody see that double dribble from that girl??

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