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1998 All-Star Game 🤯

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  1. That is not 1998 because Kobe was drafted in 1996 and lebron in 2002

  2. Prime curry,LeBron,durant,green,Thompson kakaka slk

  3. Shaq, Kobe, Van Exel, Eddie Jones
    Lakers with 4 all- stars on one team

  4. los de antes le dan un baile a los de orita tranquilamente..el único fuera de serie es curry los demás son normales

  5. al equipo de shaq no le gana ni Jordan creo

  6. Bro the first one was good but the last pfhhhhhhhh there monsters forever our MVP’s

  7. One of those teams had Luka, curry, jokic, LeBron and Giannis
    That is an unstoppable starting 5

  8. Look at how gay & gitty everyone looks now compared to back then!

  9. Giannis,Lebron,Steph,Luka,Jokic,Dame,
    CP3 no disrespect to all the oldheads out
    there but i m taking them over any of those other teams

  10. So much cooler when everyone wore their team’s home/away jerseys in the all-star game

  11. Got to love the rik smits and Reggie Miller duo

  12. How did 4 lakers get on that 98 west squad? and what happened to Stockton that year?

  13. So many hall of famers on the 98 holy shit

  14. Good old times when the All Star game was a real game and not a joke.

  15. Damn 1998 had 4 lakers in all star game wow

  16. lakers had 4 all stars and still didnt win that year ☠️

  17. James harden would destroy MJ in a game

  18. The 90s East Roster were rlly underrated asf.

  19. Nick van exel and Eddie Jones are now Jayleen Brown and Sabonis. Rest of those guys no matter what year are beast

  20. Crazy thing is… guys like Hakeem Olajuwon, Clyde Drexler, Scottie Pippen, Dennis, Rodman, John Stockton, Chris Webber, Allen Iverson, Rasheed Wallace, etc. weren't even good enough to make the cut for this '98 All Star team.

  21. East missing:

    Pat ewing
    Chris Webber
    Ray Allen
    Allan Houston

  22. “Say cheese”


  23. HELLO EVERYONE how are you celestin Sheila fan

  24. 1998 West vs. East was the best all-star game ever with Kobe, Duncan, Shaq, and Jordan

  25. 1998 4 Lakers players are All Star

  26. All that talent in the west & they still couldn’t stop the Black Cat!

  27. Bruh the 98 West team had all the damn good bigs bruh lmao

  28. Why jimmy butler is coach in the all star game in east 2016

  29. I was actually there in 98, was so excited and satisfied didn't ask my pops for nothing else for the rest of the year.

  30. The whole lakers lineup was on that team

  31. 60s-90s NBA would absolutely smack up any team or any player in todays soft ass league😂LeBum wouldnt even make an allstar game back then

  32. I miss the 90's NBA big time!!!
    Damn Eddie Jones so classic!

  33. 1996 All Star game was brilliant! Shaq should have been an MVP!

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