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#19 Kentucky vs Missouri Basketball Game Highlights 12 28 2022

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#19 Kentucky vs Missouri Basketball Game Highlights 12 28 2022
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  1. Finally we're competitive!! Like the old days and loud like the hearnes center!! MIZ

  2. I really think that kansas game woke our Mizzou guys up. They punched Mizzou in the mouth and the team really never recovered. But after they watched film and saw how many mistakes they made they knew they could play better. Now they are showing it.

  3. Love the way Mizzou moves the ball you can see the difference between them and Kentucky everyone cuts and moves off the ball it’s really nice to watch. Plus Kobe Brown is really really good


  5. Mizzou won’t be so cocky once they play Tennessee and this is coming from a Jayhawk fan

  6. When is cal going to be on the hot seat

  7. Kentucky has been my favorite team since 89. This could potentially be the worst team we’ve had. We can’t even beat a decent team. Where did Cal get this JV team🤬

  8. No lie that foul at 26:34 won me 1400$. I had missouri team total over 88.5 … who the fuck fouls there what luck

  9. Kentucky starts the same every season , once Calipari gets his message thru n style they excel ? Is this Guy really any good at coaching tho, all that talent yr after yr to just get ousted by ST Peter's in 1st rd , this yr will be no diff.

  10. Gates is a Mizzou Hero and will become the next Gary Pinkle for Mizzou athletics

  11. If gates is transforming these zero stars like D’Moi hodge into monsters and having a top-25 team loaded with two or four high ranking four and three stars, imagine what he can do with five stars

  12. THANK YOU PAMELA_MICHELE11 for the $3k fund I’m grateful y’all meet her I recommend her

  13. THANK YOU PAMELA_MICHELE11 for the $3k fund I’m grateful y’all meet her I recommend her

  14. I’m embarrassed to call myself a Kentucky fan 😢 We have more talent than 99% of these other teams and we can’t do sht with it

  15. This Kentucky team shouldn’t be in the top 25. It’s time for Cal to go

  16. Pretty sure it says “#19 Kentucky”…

  17. Stop putting Kentucky in the top 25 period. They are 8-4. They are a average team and they haven’t beat anyone of significance. And don’t put them back in the top 25 once they beat 1 team!!

  18. Ky fans said Louisville made a deal with the devil when they hired pitino,well so did they and i Iuv it.🤣👹

  19. It was nice of Cris Collinsworth to help call the game.

  20. We're does Kentucky go from here they drop in the polls come Monday because they have no coach by the end of the year they will be out of it like last year they won't be in the ncaa tournament

  21. Looks like the Cats will definitely get the NIT invitation this season! Or maybe not.

  22. I hope mizzou gets ranked next week! I’m glad they’re finally good again! One of these days I should go to Columbia and watch one of their games

  23. i dont understand the lineup for kentucky , why is lance ware in the game

  24. Where's that Kentucky fan that said they wanted smoke with Houston. 😂😂 soft af!

  25. A Kentucky team full of nobody’s very depressing

  26. lots of ky shot clock violations, what kind of brainwashing has Calaloser done to this team…Missouri is tough I hope they win it all

  27. Outcoached….outplayed..lazy..no effort no will to win..SEC last place…laughing stock of the NCAA

  28. So happy for Kobe Bryant. I mean Kobe Brown.

  29. I figure the Uk players wanted to lose. So get this, there was some big money on this game and some of the players were paid to throw the game with some big money. It's so impossible for this talent to lose to MIssouri. This has happened in other sports games in the past. How's that?! 🙂

  30. Holy Crap Missouri is good!

    -Michigan State Fan

  31. Remember Gates came from Leonard Hamiltons FSU squads. Mizzou bball has brought future

  32. Stars don't always equate to reality. On top of that our guys are seasoned all conference level players from good winning mid majors. Plus juco all americans. Those guys vs some high school 4 or 5 star will win most times.

  33. How in the world is Missouri not ranked!? GBR.

  34. With no social media I had to go here to ask and criticize the rankings and the powers that be. I’m no Misery fan but there’s teams with 2 losses ranked in the top 10 and Misery gets no love. GBR

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