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#18 North Carolina vs #10 Indiana Basketball Game Highlights 11 30 2022

Matthew Loves Ball
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#18 North Carolina vs #10 Indiana Basketball Game Highlights 11 30 2022
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  1. Very impressive performance for my Indiana Hoosiers!!! Lets Go HOOSIERS!!! Thanks Mathew!!! You the man!

  2. The problem is that UNC is trying to run a Pace & Space offense when they should be playing through Armando, one of the best post players in America. You should only play a Pace & Space style when you have zero post talent, otherwise you’re just wasting a valuable asset.

  3. Unc has now lost to isu, Alabama, and Indiana. That's tough buddy

  4. Loved the 5v8 game. Wonder what the score would be if the game was anywhere close to fair

    Okay, so for clarity, I am an IU fan

  5. Hood Schifino set the tone early, then Trayce took it from there. Great win HOOSIER NATION

  6. Indiana the best team in 22 years coming outta Bloomington! I’m calling it 🎉😊

  7. Let me guess Indiana fans…..your back again right? Lmao even though you’ve never been back. Haven’t won a title since 1987 lmao. Losers.

  8. UK and UNC both are not competitive among the better teams this year

  9. race is a crazy first name thats dope

  10. Start out as the #1 team in the country and after 8 games or so and you'll be out of the top 25. But keep shooting the ball Love and Davis. If you shoot 50 times your bound to have at least 20 points. Good coaching Davis.

  11. Indiana didn’t even have a great game, unc just had a horrible game. Soft and selfish

  12. Way to go indiana Hoosier good game between North Carolina tra heels and Indiana Hoosier

  13. IU is such a better team with a healthy Trey Galloway. He is that spark off the bench and his game is polar opposite of the player he comes in for in Kopp.

  14. whats it been, 30 years since Indiana was any good?

  15. Indiana really plays very well together and shot very well. North Carolina a good team also. Thank you for having these basketball games available 🏀

  16. Love the Team Coach Woodson has put on floor. We may be back to prominence. Go Big Red!!

  17. I'm not a Indiana fan, but it seems there were several calls that were BS against Indiana. Galloway is a scrappy dude.

  18. I find college basketball officiating one of the most painful things to watch.

  19. I’ve called it since the beginning of the season North Carolina is overrated

  20. The Big Ten is sonning the ACC like crazy these days smh🤦

  21. Only took 20 years to bring in a Disciple of Coach Knight. We appreciate you Coach Woodson

  22. yikes UNC. it’s looking like they were very much overrated to start the season, much like how my Bruins of UCLA were last year…

  23. Nothing came easy for the Tar Heels, every shot, every pass, every dribble and look was contested with immense pressure! The only thing that came remotely easy were their free throws, and without them it would've been a 20 point game. To the kids, if you want to see how Defense wins games, WATCH THIS GAME. HOO HOO HOO HOOSIERS!! INDIANA. Woooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Horrible. Weak. Stressful to watch. Just like before. At least on your posts the comments are turned ON. UNC sites are always OFF.

  25. It's amazing to think that if Indiana beat the greatest tradition in college basketball history at their arena (Kentucky) in any season, their fanbase would be celebrating like it were a national title and scatter the court again. Kentucky doesn't scatter for anyone at anytime! I guess that's the difference between just a top 10 and THE #1 program.

  26. NC the team that started out ranked #1 doesn't even look like a top 25 team.

  27. Indiana’s guards are so tough. Adding JHS into the mix with Trey and X is the difference this year. Instead of Rob Phinisee or Lander at times….you rotate Trey, X and JHS and you feel comfortable with the ball in any of their hands.

  28. I'm going to resist gushing…Boy, that was fun to watch! Many thanks for posting the highlights.

  29. Even though that my team had lose I am not mad

  30. Genuine question if anyone knows the answer: Has any other pre-season #1 lost 3 games before conference play even started? None pop in to my head but surely it's happened before this year with UNC.

  31. Christ more like low lights…. I know it's early season and I'd rather they worked out the bugs now but damn boys!!!

  32. The refs kept UNC in this game. IU should have won by 30.

  33. Embarrassing man. So tired of losing when we have the talent and should be really good. All those upperclassmen we should be winning. 3 straight losses. We re missing bigs. Where's Dean?

  34. Heels can’t execute. Love is a huge disappointment. He can’t defend. He’s lethargic and relies too much on his size and spastic speed that results in turnover after turnover. Big guys live on the perimeter. That’s a weak offense. Pitiful to watch and I’ve been watching 50 years.

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