#18 Michigan State vs #9 Duke Basketball Game Highlights 11 14 2023 - bestfungamesll.com

#18 Michigan State vs #9 Duke Basketball Game Highlights 11 14 2023

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#18 Michigan State vs #9 Duke Basketball Game Highlights 11 14 2023
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  1. Izzo will have them ready by the end of the year

  2. 💥💥They should seriously consider replacing Michigan state with UConn in this champions classic.

  3. As a Duke fan I know it’s early but man Proctor isn’t playing well I’m expecting a big season from him he’s suppose to be going to the draft after this season.

  4. Champions classic should definitely be nc, ku, uk, and duke

  5. MLB is the GOAT college sports highlight uploader. We love him, and we appreciate him no matter what, but can we get the Syracuse-Colgate game? An SU win over Colgate shouldn't be a big deal, but after losing to them two years running and being down 24 in the 2nd half, it might be the highlight of the season.

  6. I was watching a "field of 68" video before the season started, and they were all gushing about MSU because they had so many returning starters. I was thinking, aren't these the same players who, two years ago, lost a half dozen games by 20 or more? Look it up. They got blown out at NW and MN. Rutgers beat them by 30. They had just enough good wins to sneak into the Tournament, or so the Committee said, but they weren't good. They were better last year, but not great. I could see thinking they're a solid top 40 team, but No 4? It made no sense even before seeing them lose to JMU and here.

  7. Great basketball, two very talented teams . Thank you.

  8. Bilas is such an idiot. Proctor is an awful defender. His takes are always so laughable

  9. Every minute Roach gets should go to Foster and McCain

  10. Every Year the name Izzo gets you ranked in the top 10 and every year they are not even in the top 25! What a joke!

  11. Hogart is so childish😂he gets crossed and very next possession and smacks procter

  12. I think MSU can be a good team this year however with amount of depth they have. They need to figure out rotations. Especially with Tre Holloman getting more min. than Jeremy Fears. Sissoko also should not be starting over Carson Cooper.

  13. The 10 min first and second half highlights and duke games are actually pretty dope for if you missed a half. Preciate your channel!

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