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#17 Indiana vs #5 Purdue Basketball Game Highlights 2 25 2023

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#17 Indiana vs #5 Purdue Basketball Game Highlights 2 25 2023
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  1. Purdue is in collapse unable to match improving opponents, and the game has gotten inside their heads, creating doubt and hesitation. No defensive stopper. Opponents have woke up to Edey’s critical limitations as a defender. Purdue will be lucky to win two games in the tournament. Purdue is nothing but hype turned to flop!

  2. I gotta give it to em, big win for the Hoosiers.

  3. Huge win. Best run offense they've had in a long time. Thanks for the upload!

  4. Boilermakers running out of steam late in the season, not the best time to run off the tracks.

  5. Purdue slowly messing a top seed in the torney up. Looks like a number #2 now.

  6. Didn't look great. Got nothing from the bench. Purdue plus 16 on boards. Galloway is the best player on this team. Said it all year. Great win. But need help from that bench down the stretch

  7. I was more impressed by TJD tonight than when he has put up big scoring numbers. He realized that he was struggling, and rather than force the issue just to rack up points, he did literally everything else to help the Hoosiers win. And JH-S really stepped up to fill the scoring void. There is nothing better than sweeping the Boilermakers.

  8. Best win in a LOOONG time for us Hoosier fans.

  9. I’m the happiest person in the world rn😅 Hoosier daddy

  10. Wow another loss for the boilermakers. Not a good time to have a slump. If you were to ask me last month about Purdue I would say they could win it all even though they’re a one man team But now I don’t see them winning it and yes I’m sticking with my statement they are a one man team.

  11. there are like 15 teams that I feel can win the championship this year! The big 12 has 5 of them…

  12. Always a good day when you win against #5 Purdue at Mackey

  13. The way Indiana moves the ball is incredible. A real testament to how well coached Woodson has them.

  14. Let the excuses flow boilers. Season sweep let’s hear all about it.

  15. Jackson-Davis seemed tight and (obviously) ineffective through most of this game, and to be honest the rebounding effort by IU was pretty lousy too (even factoring in that Giant opponent out there).
    BUT: IU shot the lights out, and Purdue was BRICK-CITY from 3-point land!
    Who would've thunk it! Hoosiers win! That should keep 'em in the top 25!

  16. Purdue’s guards are not very good at all. Another quick out in March.

  17. Purdue relied too much on Edey. Missed a lot of free throws and 3's.. Edey would get his numbers but if the others do not step up they would not go further in the tourney..

  18. I fell asleep at the half 😭 Way to go HOOSIERS!! 😊

  19. If I were as huge as Zach Edey I would be hanging on that rim every possession! Get the ball in the low post and go to the rim everytime! Make them try to stop me!

  20. Purdue not going anywhere in the tournament. Like they were shutdown the second half.😊

  21. JHS is gonna be good in the L… buy your stock nowwww

  22. All those doofuses in black and gold went home sad and defeated. Glorious!

  23. As usual Indiana with some dumb losses keeping them out of B10 title contention but showing just enough potential to get everyone a little excited before ultimately falling flat in the tourneys. Hopefully they prove us wrong this year

  24. What can you say? IU is a better team than Purdue, at least head to head. Boilers look weak heading into final few games, sure they'll win a couple, but not many more.

  25. Best rivalry in college basketball. Number 1 for Indiana was number 1 for the Hoosiers. Always look forward when these team's go at it on the hard wood. What a game. Go Blue!

  26. A Star Trek reference….that was Klingon basketball…..

  27. Indiana played out of their league tonight oh my goodness they were so dominant on defense and I actually have Purdue as a final 14 and a number 1 seed. Damn good game

  28. Teams that try the Shaq-Attack on Zach Eddy are in for a surprise. He hits his free throws.

  29. Duke fan here, no 🧢,Mike Woodson got Indiana balling

  30. Purdue may be 1 and down in march, they look awful

  31. If not a top 5 team..both of them. Why the importance of a guard matters. Nice dunk dinger for dinner

  32. Galloway guarded Braden Smith brilliantly – very impressive. Watch that matchup, he was on him closely most times forcing his drive to the hoop to curl back out and dish the rock elsewhere, many times discombobulating Purdue.

  33. Purdue is not able to shot. They are very good at turnovers.
    Purdue members think they can play like M.J.but reality is shit

  34. Edey only has to jump two inches to dunk…lol

  35. Great Hoosier win, dominated them. Remember this was a #1 seed before today.

  36. great to see Purdue lose again. they are so overrated.

  37. I thought Purdue was going to run them out of the building, then the Hoosiers went on a roll. March Madness is brewing.

  38. Purdue needs a guy who can play in the paint, being 7ft plus doesn’t mean anything if your soft

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