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#15 Saint Mary’s vs #12 Gonzaga Basketball Game Highlights 2 25 2023

Matthew Loves Ball
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#15 Saint Mary’s vs #12 Gonzaga Basketball Game Highlights 2 25 2023
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  1. Zags need to have favorable draw and seeding, hopefully to avoid a Big12 squad in 2nd round…gonna be tough with so many Big12 teams in the field. Tcu, Iowa st, or Kansas st would ALL be difficult 2nd round matchups.

  2. Anton is one of the most underrated players in the whole country

  3. both are out in the second round or sooner this year in the tourney

  4. Gaels offense could not get the two or three extra buckets it needed to make this interesting. Vintage Timme, inspired defense make the difference.

  5. Gaels fought hard, but those Bulldogs got it done! Go Zags!

  6. Guess what America watching this game I noticed home teams get all the dam foul calls we may need to start back ground checking referees for being gamblers lmao😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭

  7. Watson and smith were great and tough tonight

  8. UK grad, like both teams to sweet 16…UK final 4!

  9. YEAH BABY!!!!!(biggest fan East of the Mississippi River)

  10. Im a huge Zags fan, but don't count the Gaels out, they could get to the sweet 16

  11. If these guys were not allowed to travel, most would have to relearn the game.

  12. Still too much sloppiness for me to expect a deep run in the tourney. Hickman, Sallis, and Strawther need to clean up their game.

  13. that f*** saint mary’s chant was so loud 😂😂😂

  14. Thank you Matthew. Both these teams are going to be tough outs in the Tourney.

  15. What did I just watch, they gave the game away with those turnovers

  16. Matt, I watch all the ads to suppoprt your great Zag Highlights in hopes you make a little $ for your efforts. Even the one for "The Pope's Exorcist!" – yikes!

  17. I swear a part of St Mary's practice and game prep is how to complain. Coach constantly whining, Kyle Bowen biggest contribution is freaking out after every other play, and Logan Johnson apparently is the perfect player, only draws fouls but never commits them. Man they like to bitch and moan.

  18. If this was the 2016 or 2021 team we’d win the ship this year!! So unfortunate 😢 I just want a Gonzaga ship so bad

  19. I know st Mary’s is our biggest rival but I ALWAYS root for saint Mary’s in the tournament! But FUCK BYU lmao

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