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#14 Wisconsin vs #17 Michigan State Basketball Game Highlights 2 8 2022

Matthew Loves Ball
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#14 Wisconsin vs #17 Michigan State Basketball Game Highlights 2 8 2022
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  1. meeting number 3 tonight in Indy. Go badgers.

  2. Y did Johnny David have way through the game started wearing 51 did his get riped?

  3. MSU acted like they won the Championship after Michigan win …. don't think they have won since.

  4. Either we barely win or just lose badly🤷‍♂️

  5. The problem with MSU is that, though they are one of the deepest teams in cbb, they have no leader on the court. That's why there is no consistentcy. Why Izzo isn't starting Hall baffles me. If this team can find leadership on the court, then they are going to be terrifying come tourney time. Are they overrated? I'm not quite sure. I don't know if it's fair to call a team with this much depth and this much potential overrated, but they sure haven't been playing like the 17th best team in the country. Only time will tell…

    Also, Great game by Wisconsin, they really wanted this win.

  6. Thanks Matthew for the video. Another lost but not to mad at this one Wisconsin made some tuff shots. We can be a great team We have 9 to 10 players that bring something to the team this is when Izzo takes this team and make them Spartans

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  8. this ad saying we can display your heritage…on huge 10' x 10' highlighted pics…total lie…you will get a little pic on your computer screen…LIARS

  9. I like this lil rivalry that’s brewing

  10. MSU is so overrated, Izzo should just retire at this point

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