13 Year Old LaMelo Running Circles Around Montverde 😂😂 - bestfungamesll.com

13 Year Old LaMelo Running Circles Around Montverde 😂😂

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  1. 13 year old lámelo casually running around nba players

  2. I love how this is just an elite play by a 13 year old and the crowd just laughs as if he’s simply playing keep away 😂

  3. who was getting clapped at the start lmfao

  4. Ive yet to catch an NBA game where either Ball bro is a relevant part of said game lol

  5. They had the Disney channel laugh sound😭

  6. I think this kid will grow up and play for the charrolet hornets 😊

  7. The crowd is full of Disney channel sound effects 😂

  8. Sound like the GOLF course people lol…..that stands behind the "line" lol – this don't Sound like a basketball crowd game until you watch it 🤣🔥😂💸💯

  9. why is he running around in circles instead of scoring

  10. Liangelo knew from that point on… my little brother is always gonna be better than me

  11. LeMelo just be having fun in middle school

  12. Coach: You must make the opponent feel tired and weak
    Coach sees this
    Coach:That wasn’t i meant 💀

  13. Fantastic!!!! 👏👏👏👏

  14. Fantastic!!!! 👏👏👏👏

  15. No one besides the ball family got touches lmao

  16. No one besides the ball family got touches lmao

  17. это просто Гуллит или Зидан баскетбольный👍

  18. это просто Гуллит или Зидан баскетбольный👍

  19. He really grabbed a board over mfs a foot taller than him 😂 b4 his growth spurt

  20. Of what could be coming in years to come 😅😂AWESOME and entertaining…

  21. Lol Anfernee Simons trying to chase him around

  22. This shit was always too easy for him

  23. This kid is trash. Worst basketball EVER.

  24. Ну ничего братан,вот,попробуй еще раз 😂

  25. White boy in the corner not missing twice it’s not possible

  26. Essa foi a jogada mais sem noção que ja vi kakakakaka mas deu certo

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