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#13 Texas Tech vs #5 Kansas Basketball Game Highlights 1 24 2022

Matthew Loves Ball
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#13 Texas Tech vs #5 Kansas Basketball Game Highlights 1 24 2022
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  1. Kansas owned the officials…the level of overlooking 'hacking' by kansas was appalling. Stolen game.

  2. Sportscasters/Announcers. Please review the English comparative and superlative… Not taught in Announcer School? 'One of the best' should be like fingernails on a chalkboard to you. 'One of the better', although maybe not meeting what you are trying to convey in your exuberance, is correct. Or, leave no doubt as to what you should know but don't, … and, simply say… 'One of the gooddest', or, stronger still… 'most gooddest'. Thanks, Matt, for bringing us the game. Props! Gracias por tu video. Defender of the Mother Tongue… RT sends… envía… Puebla, México…

  3. That is the best game I’ve ever seen in person. Flat out amazing. Rock Chalk

  4. could have been called the fishing game with all the kansas flopping around to get the bad calls

  5. the ncaa really need to hire professional zebras…these home cooking games are terrible

  6. Let's go Kansas Jayhawks 💯💯💯👍👍👍

  7. Great game. Texas tech is a force to be reckoned with this year. Congrats Jayhawks

  8. Taxes tech IMO is a final four team. They with their defense can defend anyone. Watch out for the red raiders come March

  9. My Chiefs & My Jayhawks in a 24hr period?
    Can't make this shit up!

  10. KU 3 wins away fr they're alltime Nation leading 32nd straight +20 gm winning season!

  11. Lol, the GAYHAWKS sneak away with a crappy one point win. 😂🤡

  12. 💥💥 I'm glad they won but I'm not happy as a jayhawks fan. To get outscore at 17-5 the last 5 or 4 minutes of the game is unacceptable.

  13. Takeaways:
    •Terrence Shannon Jr needs to think twice at times where he has the ball when the time is running down.(before the overtime he had a chance to get to the rim and win the game but shot a wild 3)(then at the end of the game instead of getting the ball to their best shooter he runs up the court and shoots a fadeaway 3)
    •Kansas shows you that coaching really is a big part of their success.
    • Ochai is definitely a poy choice maybe top 2.

  14. Glad we won. Texas Tech is very good this year.

  15. Three count them three NCAA Level 1 violations on and NO PROBATION. The NCAA has about as much credibility as Doug and Lemu the Emu.

  16. Remy should have played in OT!! Harris was ineffective offensively!

  17. Great job Matthew capturing this fantastic game!

  18. Both teams are good. I can't believe how Tech fought back to get it to OT. Jesus loves you!

  19. The Jayhawks never give up, The Big 12 is something else this yearl

  20. Texas Tech lost that game. Kansas didn't win.

  21. When ochai makes the shot to tie it, the straight roar I here on replays doesn't compare to what I heard being in that stadium. Allen fieldhouse is the best indoor sports arena in the planet

  22. Matthew you continue to amaze me – thanks!!

  23. Adams is gonna be a beast in a year or two!!

  24. hi i know you’re busy with the men games! and i love that you put out content because i lowkey wait for it 🙂
    but i’d also really like watching some girls games..? like maybe top 20? i’m not sure but i’d love it if the women were more involved ❤️

  25. I was actually able to watch this game live for once, but still wanted to watch my favorite highlights creator!
    Thanks for all the videos Matt!

  26. The Jayhawks were lucky to win. Too many lazy, sloppy passes against an elite defense. But any Big 12/Top 20 win is welcome.

  27. Thank you! I live 4 minutes from the best basketball venue money can buy. Rock Chalk!

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