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#11 Tennessee vs #2 Gonzaga Basketball Game Highlights 10 28 2022

Matthew Loves Ball
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#11 Tennessee vs #2 Gonzaga Basketball Game Highlights 10 28 2022
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  1. Gonzaga looks like shit no 3 ball again no D no tough defenders soft

  2. Thanks Matthew for the quick coverage. You da man.

  3. Don't put alot into this game means nothing. Hopefully TN will have a good team these exhibition games will hurt your feelings

  4. Being an exhibition game, it still shows up that as of "start of season", Tennessee may be more jelled or cohesive of a offensive / defensive team, in order to win essentially going away in the second half of play. It hopefully bides well for both teams, especially those that root for or support Tennessee. These two teams may well meet again in post conference NCAA 2023.

  5. gonzaga has got to be the most overrated team in ncaa history tbh

  6. Wonder why jjj didn’t play for Tennessee ?

  7. L.E.V.I. [Listing Epic Videos Immediately] says:

    Tennessee 🏈 and 🏀 is legit for the first time in a while.

  8. Gonzaga definitely isn’t goin to hold that No.2 spot for long

  9. Oh would you look at that, the perennial overrated Crapzaga getting OWNED by the SEC, congrats TN, you did everyone a favor 😂

  10. This UT team is going to surprise a lot of people with how deep they are. I'm not saying they're gonna win it all, but they're gonna go far for sure.

  11. Gonzaga is so awesome. Tennessee has a serious contender this year. Was such a pleasure to watch this !!!

  12. Was expecting more from Bolton and Malachi Smith

  13. Tennessee looking like they might win it all in basketball and football!

  14. So happy to see Ziggy balling. I have his autograph.

  15. We got some SHOOTERS this year. I fucking love it

  16. is it me or has timme been playing college basketball for 8 years😂

  17. Swear I think we can win it all in BasketVOL and FootVOL and BaseVOL . Seriously

  18. I really hope our basketball team gets new black jerseys. Pray for it

  19. Coach Mark Few better figure out how he's going to beat teams like this especially physical teams with good 3 point shooting, Zags looked really good in 1st half but looked awful in the 2nd half & definitely don't look like a national championship team hopefully they have more than 8 man rotation better use the other bench players not leave talent off the court otherwise just have them redshirt for the season for saving a extra season & Yes I know this game don't count against the season just a scrimmage game exhibition plus Tennessee will definitely be in the NCAA tournament with all their talent so you never know what NCAA committee will do they might end playing each other in NCAA tournament go Zags!!!!!!!!!

  20. More pre season games in college basketball should be allowed against top teams too

  21. Both these teams r going to be worse than a year ago

  22. Gonz—over rated year after year by the Press( love affair with them) —just like the year that Baylor defeated them in the Finals.

  23. Key and Phillips will ball out this season! And this game was played without JJJ. So I have absolutely NO doubt in my mind that this team will do better than last year's team. But hopefully they can really hit their stride when we get to March Madness! GBO!!!!!!!!!!! 🍊🏀💯

  24. Danny White is one heck of an AD. All of Tennessee Athletics are killing it right now. When you look at the big three sports of football, basketball, and baseball, there isn’t a school that is performing at a higher level as a whole right now.

  25. The whole state of Tennessee looks good right now. Basketball, Football, Baseball, Soccer, Softball… what else

  26. All Tennessee fans need to chill. This is an exhibition game. And last I checked your school hasn’t even been to the national championship game. If Gonzaga had your schools resources and recruites we would’ve won 10 already.

  27. Tennesse is a veteran squad I can see them in the final 4 next year so sure, just beat kentucky……Arky fan here

  28. Who the heck plays a big ranked game like this for an exhibition game??? Like what

  29. As a lifelong Zags fan, hats off to the Vols. They're tough. Gonna cause fits.

  30. Just shows how the SEC gone be this year bbn fan btw

  31. Why is this game being played as an exhibition. What a waste lol

  32. Uros looks 10 times better then last year. Go vols

  33. I just had to revisit this comment section for these delusional Gonzaga fans. The Zags barely beat an unranked Michigan State team after blowing out the North Florida Ospreys? WTF. Then go on to get gorilla 🦍 stumped by Texas as the #2 ranked team in America. 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆 what a joke.

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