10 Year Old Has INSANE HANDLES! Will Conroy Jr Is SO Shifty Even Steph Curry Is Impressed! - bestfungamesll.com

10 Year Old Has INSANE HANDLES! Will Conroy Jr Is SO Shifty Even Steph Curry Is Impressed!

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10 year old Will Conroy Jr showing off his insane handles and game beyond his years at the 2021 Ballislife Jr All American Camp!

Special thanks to Elite Basketball Circuit & Open Gym Premiere for making the JBILAAC such a huge success!
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  1. Ik this kid irl i play at this its like a camp and i’ve seen him play these arent even all his clips

  2. Uffffffffffff balbaro dios bendigas ese niño un fenomeno tienes 23 desde ahora

  3. He must have older brothers that he plays with. Who taught him??

  4. He’s going to the nba when he get older. Ain’t no question about it. This kid is amazing.

  5. at the start, I'm pretty sure that was a carry when he went for a fake shot

  6. My man is a whole clamp on D. Doesn't overdribble or force scoring. Just takes what the floor gives him. He nice. Real nice. Super bright future for this one.

  7. I hope he doesnt become like jullian newman

  8. I'm 10 I play just like him just better dribbling faster taller but he better at shooting

  9. I think he is really good and the defense sucks. U should see what I have to put up with😂
    Edit: (not his defense)

  10. Yo this kid taught a NBA all star 2 moves

  11. omg me, me with 12 years I do not do no I make tat 😲😲😲

  12. Dude this kid can make 3s I can’t even hit the rim when I pull up to the court !!!!

  13. Ese crossover yo lo había hecho mucho más antes

  14. Would like to see what The Professor thinks about this kid and to see them together on a court.

  15. now you can say that you watched him when he was 10 years old when he is in the nba

  16. Looks like a ballhog 2 me work on passing 2 your team mates

  17. This man grabbing balls out of their hands👌🙄

  18. 10yrs old looking like 35 in the face

  19. I’m also 10 me vs. him would be a close game

  20. I bet this kid can lilerly make a full court shot

  21. Why am I so surprised that he’s in my class at school?

  22. He’s going to Miami I’m pretty sure

  23. It’s not gonna help him if he plays with his age he might as well play up

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