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10-Year-Old Has INSANE Basketball Handles

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10-year-old Collin Tjin is way ahead of the basketball game…

Check out our update on Collin’s progress HERE!

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  1. Come on it’s not that good I mean his is 10 but his handles ain’t that crazy

  2. not to be cocky but im beter i have 75 trophes fr basket ball

  3. not to be cocky does he know how many people are in this world😭😭

  4. He reminds me of a ball hog at the courts with bad nets in elementary school

  5. He reminds me of a person I knew in second grade called Jacob C but the person I knew would talk less, but the softness in his voice reminds me of the person.

  6. Imagine him doing aall this just to be 5’8 and not be able to go to the nba

  7. This guy ain’t making it nowhere the only person on this channel that actually has a chance of making it to the league is mikey

  8. You all acting like thats hard i am a way better handeler and scorer than him and i am 9

  9. I couldn’t even throw the ball hard enough to hit the backboard at that age

  10. I have to admit this kid is like really good at what he does but it’s like 80% daddy’s money and just straight up boosters like imagine if you just started a RiseOfKingdoms account and you have nothing and a rich boy joins and his daddy just buys him everything so who advanced faster? It’s kinda obvious but even so this kid isn’t a quitter just a bit of a bragger

  11. idk why but i kinda strongly dislike this kid


  13. colin takes 200 shots every day and his dad takes 200 cigarettes' each day

  14. I work on cars and I love basketball too

  15. when your in middle school and this kid can absolutly destroy u

  16. Not to be rude but skills are amazing but they won’t work against people taller than him considering the fact that basketball favours the tall I just assume even after all those skills the conclusion is the same. Clean block by someone taller

  17. Wondering if he a all star at youth or probably middle school basketball at 13

  18. Can you teach me some move homie you cold

  19. sorry but my friend is better than you and hes 9 lol

  20. U are jealous of him? Remember.he spend about 5 thousand a month just to take clothes and some cool stuff paying about 1500 for coached and has 100k+ set up…

  21. I wish he will be in future Best PLAYERS

  22. im amazed by his drippling and his skill to put ball in the basket

  23. He has handles but still chicken wing shoots it

  24. bro when i was ten i was only thinking about fn lmao

  25. He’s so short I’m 10 and 5’2 but I’m okay at handling he’s better then me probably but I have great jump shots just struggles with handles

  26. The dads voice tho sounds like a robot 😂😂😂

  27. He’s so short I’d yell at him to get off the court cuz I’d mistake him for a 2nd grader

  28. did this coach really just say some 10 year old and beat a pro nba player?

  29. I wanna 1v1 this noob also im 11 sheeeesh

  30. Lil m’n would get blocked by everyone over 4”6

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