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10-Year-Old Has INSANE Basketball Handles

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10-year-old Collin Tjin is way ahead of the basketball game…

Check out our update on Collin’s progress HERE!

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  1. bro i fr feel like i met this dude at fountain valley park or westminster park bro 🤣

  2. I will meat him some day in the NBA I know it

  3. Maybe the kid should humble himself, look up when he dribbles and spin the ball when he shoots not shove it

  4. im trying to get trained by a coach to go to college and maybe to the nba but my family is poor and its sad because im 6'2 at 14 and have really good potential but people like me wont make it to the nba because of our circumstances. No hate to the kid btw but I don't think he'll make it to the nba he most likely wont be tall enough to play at that level

  5. They was trippin thinking he could play 12-13 year olds

  6. This kid has a private trainer and coach I mean he works hard I guess but not that much. Like yeah he might be slightly better than me but if I had a hoop in my garage, a private court, a private trainer and that many balls and pairs of shoes. Then yea I could be slightly better than me to. I forgot to mentioned that he has a rebounding machine that costs 2k.

  7. I can't help but see another Julian Newman in this kid

  8. He fr said this kid could beat pros 😂😂😂

  9. I don't even play basketball but I would still bun dis kid if we played 1v1 insane handles or not you can beat me in the air I'm tall for my age and my vertical is more than enough to abolish and shots you take

  10. He can either be the next Iverson or the next Newman
    Only time will tell

  11. This kid is in middle school now and destroying on the court

  12. All he got is opportunity and cash. Y’all hyping him up for him to get embarasssed bc he’ll find out that opportunity doesn’t equal skill.

  13. 10 year old has parents with money for PR firm and personal trainer.

  14. Bruh when I was 8 I’m taller him by 5 inches

  15. This kids sounds so mad though the whole video

  16. I can’t believe y’all are rly hating on a 10 year old 😭

  17. I’m just gonna walk up to him and block his shot so easy he’s so small

  18. I’m Collin I’m 10 and the basketball can barely fit in my hands

  19. Not to be cocky but I'm the best at watching youtube😆

  20. He is very good player all so me i wan to be basket player

  21. Imagine being a wannabe bball player, smh 🤦. Kid is normal for his age tbh

  22. Great potential and all but man is this not true i can tell 0:45

  23. He gotta learn to keep his head up while dribbling

  24. look, i dont wanna make exuses but i never have time to pracice cuz momma would let me go to the park by myself plus i dont have a whole court in my garage 🤣

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