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10 Year Old Basketball Prodigies DESTROY Grown Men

DC Heat
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A huge shoutout to all the kids:

Video Editor: @kappiebon


  1. They was greening on up in they face 😂

  2. Why does the guy in yellow look like kyrie

  3. Damn they are all great but those jolly brothers are just built diff

  4. Bruh the hood always be tryna cheat bro. I’m not lying they get mad over everything single little thing they lose😅😂 like literally Ngl this kids should try to 1v1 LeBron James.❤😂

  5. Can’t lie I love this! Great seeing the young kids come together for something positive and have fun! They are all talented and will grow into great athletes and men!

  6. grown men think their so good and way better

  7. bro the 13 year old fouled the red shorts guy so hard when he was going for the layup

  8. Bro was ready to fight a 10 year old. What’s wrong with people

  9. See that right there is absolute destruction. See I'm never gonna take that. 10 year olds? Like bro I 5 years older than them…

  10. this is the cringiest thing I have ever seen in my life. Bringing kids to a hood is so cringe. Even I am better than them. There should be no reason why this should be a thing. Again, the cringiest thing I have ever seen.

  11. Just seeing this video, he said we were 6'6 😂. We won 11 straight games that day. Those kids just were just warm up, but they are great for their age

  12. Love the idea let’s coach 14 to pass and focus on team aspect. I like the fact he was competitive but needs to understand when that becomes destructive. Also old man threatening kids needed to be checked by somebody 💯💯

  13. These boys are good but I can see they no discipline, class

  14. Imagine being a grown ass man and getting pissed a bunch of kids are better then you

  15. Ain’t no way a 10 year old is 5 foot 7 that is the average grown male

  16. He too small he too small. Casually hits a deep three in his face

  17. Those men don’t play d and their not doing the best on offense in the first game

  18. Did bro just wink at the camera after pushing a 13 year old ☠️

  19. not bad. need to play better defense though, better stance and better help defense. forget these cameras and stay locked in

  20. 8:35 this the lowest of lows you could get to trynna play defense on a 10 y/o

  21. How did i miss this?!? This why you stay making heat, the ideas are just out the box man💯🔥🔥

  22. I play basketball and I am eight and guess what I ankle broke a 12-year-old😂

  23. @DCHeat Them boys different 😂😂 they chagre people like to join the team?

  24. funny how one of them said stop playing with me in the hood while playing 10 year old's

  25. Stop blowing this little kid’s heads up like they can really play with grown men!

  26. Why that blue dude in the hood look like black panter

  27. THE HOOD…then proceeds narrating like he doing a wildlife documentary “in their territory “

  28. just know, the old man was definetly not hating but rather showing tough love and tough game. you can see it in the smile at the end of their 1st game against them

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