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$10 VS $20,000 BASKETBALL COURTS! *Budget Challenge*

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We built different basketball courts for a budget challenge!
Thank you Basketball Arena for sponsoring this video!
*$50K win streak event ends March 12th!*



For this budget challenge, we had each dropped the plinko ball to see what budget we got to build a basketball court! We had 3 budgets, $10, $500 and $20,000! Whatever budget you got, you had to build a basketball court including the hoop, ball and whatever other accessories you wanted!

Basketball Arena sponsored today’s video and inspired the budget challenge! They are doing a $50,000 in game win streak event until March 12th, so be sure to download the game and participate in this epic challenge!
You can add all 3 of us as friends in the game too!

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  1. I don't like basketball, I just like to watch sweaty men play with balls

  2. Actually a pretty fun game I played it on my tablet5 years ago

  3. bro currys 8 are better than both of those brons and freaks lit vid tho

  4. I feel the camera man’s pain of not having fun😩😭

  5. Hyper probably left because he always got the worst

  6. I can’t find hyperfetion on basketball arena

  7. keep in mind hyper was bearly taller then the back board on the 3 foot hoop xd

  8. Bro cant even say lebron and giannis’s name😂😂😂

  9. When you said and-1 you are supposed to take 1 threw throw

  10. I love how they can play with fake basketballplayers and make it seem real.

  11. I spent 0 dollars and made a better hoop than the 500 dollar one

  12. 100,000$ to rent the hole bronco football stadium

  13. And yet there was 6 basketballs in the background

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