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#10 Tennessee vs Kentucky Basketball Game Highlights 2 18 2023

Matthew Loves Ball
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#10 Tennessee vs Kentucky Basketball Game Highlights 2 18 2023
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  1. Kentucky would be a 7 or 6 seed if they didn’t lose to South Carolina

  2. i smell a sweep 🧹 always good beating the vols cats on top good DUB

  3. lemme guess it’s “we still own you in football” huh? you just won your super bowl against Bama, enjoy it because you’ll lose to them neutral site, Kentucky owns your basketball franchise

  4. Way to go, Cats! 🏀⛹‍♂🧹 Go Big Blue!! 💪

  5. Tennessee needs to shoot free throws every day or they will be gone day one

  6. This game for Tennessee is why they will not go far in the NCAA tournament. They can beat anyone when their on,BUT they can lay an egg at anytime anywhere. NO GO TO PLAYER. The team with Grant Williams was 10 times better. Not a top 10 team. Just to up and down.

  7. tennessee the last 2 weeks has looked like hott garbage lol wtf happend to them very suprising guess they peaked way too early

  8. Am old enough to remember days of the ABA (70's) when the three-point shot was considered the best new "wrinkle" since the slam dunk. Tell that to the Vols after their 6-27 day while Calipari's cats attempted only eight…made three.

  9. Refs called a foul on Oscar claimng over the back then on other end,Tenn knocks the Ky player out of bounds rebounding the ball on a missed free throw and NO foul called.

  10. Middle of Feb. Nrxt 2 weeks will tell the story. I think there in, and name a team that sees Kentucky on there line, or higher seed in round of 32!!!!

  11. If we play like this in march(-the free throw trouble) we are making it to E8/F4 SEE YOU IN MARCH 💪

  12. Callipari sometimes he is annoying. Never tired of shouting!

  13. kentucky struggles with teams that have strong, physical guards or a good big man. Tennessee has neither tbh.

  14. Toppin Wallace Reeves Oscar and Livingston are the keys to success. If Calipari can realize that we can win. But if he reverts again it's over.

  15. wow! where was this team the last few games! WTG UK keep it up!!

  16. I really like the rotation cal is using with Adou Thiero and Damian Collins coming off the bench and actually getting some playing time considering their mission two key guys. This team with the rotation they are using now is forcing cal to play with a more talented lineup and their coming together at the right time. When they show up to play defense and fight like they have in their biggest wins I like their chances against anybody in the country..💯

  17. idont need to hear shit ab tennessee basketball no more mfs swear they gon give uk the biz every year keep getting stepped on‼️🔵⚪️🌐

  18. I know this was just the highlights but this looks like a dangerous UK team. If they keep that level of play up consistently we could be talking about a deep run in march

  19. Tennessee got a tough game on Tuesday. They gotta go to Texas A&M. Those Aggies are playing good and they are getting better. But we will see what happens.

  20. If vandy can beat Tennessee every body else’s can 😅

  21. Oscar isn’t worth the money he came back for!! He sucks

  22. Kentucky Is falling 5 star recruits are going to the better schools over a good basketball or football program same with Duke just how Alabama is an actual good school so their basketball program is popping off this year

  23. Points on on transition is a must for Kentucky to win and let's not forget free throws mature Win for the Team

  24. Win KY basketball Tickets here. Free:)

  25. Always entertaining if ian eagle is calling the game

  26. We still have a foul on one end of the court but not on the other end going on,so many games to where the refs have controlled the outcome,like the Kansas Baylor game yesterday also,not just the Ky games.I guess since they already have Kansas as a 1 seed the refs can't let them get beat.

  27. Could Vegas be controlling these games thru the refs?

  28. My dad won't watch college basketball games anymore just because of the refs,he says you can clearly see the refs trying to help one team but not the other.

  29. 14:20 I was scratching my head on that, either team doesn't matter that's bad sportsman ship and used to be a technical for "hanging on the rim." Hell he did a pull up

  30. Love the reaction from the fans at 24:58 literally everyone in that arena knew it was out on Tennessee except for the refs 🤦‍♂️

  31. Many thanks, Matthew. Love to see the Cats, especially in a game like this one. KY games aren't always available in CA so I am very grateful to you for making these highlights available.

  32. Cason reminds me of a young Gary Payton! Regarding the team I hope Cal doesn't over correct when Wheeler and CJ come back. The extra touches and shots Livingston is getting is proving very valuable and Theiro is gaining more confidence every minute he gets. These two will prove valuable for a nice tourney run.

  33. 🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆

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