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#10 Kentucky vs #9 Duke Basketball Game Highlights 11 9 2021

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#10 Kentucky vs #9 Duke Basketball Game Highlights 11 9 2021
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  1. Duke is going to need a healthy Adrian Griffin Jr to win the national title, they need an explosive one on one scorer that can break down the defense at the end of the shot clock, Kentucky is tough, played great defense, but they did not have a go to scorer down the stretch, their point guard is a beast, he penetrated Dukes defense at will, both teams showed tremendous heart, and great defense, and both teams should make a run at the title, but a healthy Griffin, puts Duke over the top March

  2. As a Kentucky fan I don’t think we needa trip off this one WE GONE BE STRAIGHT FASHO💙✊🏾

  3. Duke was just more prepared and the better team as of right now. Kentucky is gonna be really good once they gel, considering only about 3 players actually played well for them and still only lost by 8

  4. Bro I'll subscribe only if you are providing full games?.!.?!??

  5. I honestly thought after the Miles game that Kentucky was gonna get blitzed off the court during this one due to the sheer size of duke but Oscar proved to be the x-factor in keeping it close. The fact that Ty-Ty & the team as a whole shot horribly and they only lost by 8 was surprising. We have one hell of a CBB season ahead of us i’m very excited.

  6. Two good teams. Duke more talented. Felt like an NCAA tournament game.

  7. We will be back@? Full strength Kentucky blows it open on dukie or anybody else we have to beat%?? Yes that goes for you to, REFS???

  8. Kentucky will be unstoppable by March. I wish the champions classic was later in the season too

  9. Duke will be 10 times better then last year even with them being young

  10. Paul Banchero is what Ben Simmons supposed to play like. I’m sorry not to hate but it’s true. Just imagine those two going head to head against each other. To bad Ben is lazy. But Paul is the future literally, not fully polished but he getting there seriously.

  11. That number 3 of kentucky has to work on how to pass on a rolling big man

  12. I really want to see a Maryland vs Duke March Madness matchup.

  13. Do a video for Texas Tech vs North Florida
    Make sure to have All Texas Tech Games on ya page

  14. Damn Kentucky. No passing, no boxing out for rebounds, and we play like little girls in the paint. NIT HERE WE COME

  15. despite the economic crisis i still think this is a right time to start up an investment

  16. duke had 2 players go the fuck off. and UK plays like shit. we lose by 8. meh.. we'll see um again

  17. Calipari should play Mintz.. Grady .. and Allen at the same time and let's shoot the lights out!!!

  18. Don’t know how it was semi-close but i’ll take it😎from a UK fan

  19. Kentucky won’t win a title until Cal is gone his methods over the years just don’t work he couldn’t win the D-2 championship either with this team. It’s hard to watch. Close game , you can forget about it he can’t do it. This team will finish middle of the SEC will not win a title and it will absolutely be the same shit next year. Facts on facts

  20. sahvir weeler is a very good pg, TyTy didnt show up but overall, kentucky played more like a team deferring shots for better looks and probing a lot, I think some Kentucky players crumbled under the spotlight but that comes down to individual work ethic and confidence will stem from how skillset will progress from henceforth, overall , they played good just came up short, Duke on the otherhand looked very ready and will be in for some good stuff this season, I think if Bonchero stays another year in duke, he will be very nba ready , now, hes still work in progress and his left hand is very suspect to me. Wendell moore is nba ready at this point, John and Mark are very dominant bigs that anchor the team and if healthy, this duke team will go a long way this season.

  21. UK out coached and out played Coming from a disgruntled UK fan

  22. Banchero looks like the truth bro… Ben Simmons with a jumper? That tween tween cross pull up from the stripe was nasty. The double teamed Kobe shimmy fader was ridiculous. He got NBA Superstar written all over him.

  23. Game seems almost a bit too polished for being one of the first games of the year, season should be exciting

  24. the fact that Kentucky's shot percentage was so low and only lost by single digits says something about their defense I think both teams will have a great year and cannot wait to watch some competitive college basketball.

  25. These teams are shit. One on one basketball turnover after turnover. Man I’m tired of these two being so hyped up just to be ass

  26. My devils are looking nasty on defense. Coach k going out with that title this year

  27. Not mad at the lost as a Kentucky fan. Gonna be a good season for us

  28. It’s another early game if you ever pay attention you would know coach k has a lot of success early on his teams peak faster than everyone else. Duke is very talented but I think they lack 3 point shooting if Cal would have played a match up zone or a pack line defense forcing them to shoot more 3s it probably would have been tight down the stretch. Mid season is when teams start to catch up to Duke and adjust both teams have a lot of potential though.

  29. Nothing much changes decade after decade. These programs are always loaded.

  30. Don't worry UK , shoot the ball how you shoot the ball. We can't just plain out muscle teams this year 🗣️💪🏾 , great fight!

  31. I just Subscribe to you to be honest amazing content from you and I'm a Duke fan definitely going to use you for my Duke highlights keep up the work man GO Duke

  32. Half the video is duke shooting free throws 💀

  33. Man wouldn't it be awesome to have these two have a rematch in the title game

  34. Calipari is really good at recruiting low-IQ players

  35. Oscar Tschiebwe might be my early pick for player of the year.. 12 offensive boards lol. Future NBA star. I wonder if he finishes his degree and plays another year since he probably already feels like he has a lavish life after coming from The Congo

  36. I knew that it's gonna be "Coach K game" from jump ball…

  37. It's one of the best first game performances by two teams I've seen in several years. Duke, as always is sharp from day 1. Kentucky, as usual, is still figuring things out until December. But this much can be said (IMHO): You watched two potential Final Four teams and two potential national Champions. It's too early to guarantee, but barring injuries these two will be there when at least the final eight is announced.

    Looking purely at the stat sheets, there are reasons to think Kentucky is easily just as good as Duke, maybe better. I mean (and this is not a complaint), Duke shot 16 more free throws than Kentucky. How many teams win games when the free throw difference is so wide? Kentucky out rebounded Duke by eight. Yet they also made 4 more turnovers and shot 13% less inside the arch despite taking 16 more shots at the basket. Kentucky shot 31.2% better from the three, even shooting five more threes than Duke.

    Besides the obvious, that Duke had the best player by far on the floor, and got an excellent performance by another future star (Keels), the difference was in efficiency, and to a degree coaching. BTW, Tshiebwe is a grown ass man who gets better by the game since he started at WVU. No fluke game, he will be heard from this season. I like both teams. If they play again this season, I expected you will see a dog-fight to the end between two of, if not the two best teams in the NCAA. Which team will win? Who knows?

    In sheer tenacity it was close, with the edge to the Wildcats.

    BTW, thanks Matthew for the great highlight editing. Better than ESPN by a long shot.

  38. Kentucky keeps bringing in good players but they have been in need of a good coach. Why they cant get rid of the one they have now.

  39. Anyone notice the first jump ball how it went over to Duke.

  40. Coming back as I watched Duke handle Gonzaga. As a UK fan I'm sure we are gonna be a problem this season if we can gel together. Duke is clearly the most talented and biggest team in the country, we actually could have won if it wasn't for wheeler trying to play hero in the second half. So from my measurements I believe we will be a final four type team, and hope and pray that we meet them again in the tournament for a revenge game.

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