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1 to 1 basketball match

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  1. Bro this is the competition in India 😂

  2. Bro who does jump ball and full court for a 1v1

  3. Yellow wale ne ball carry kiya then again dribble kiya hait,to its a DOUBLE DRIBBLE

  4. First of all, wear a jersey after Learning every rules and regulations in basketball, that was a nasty double dribble and that aint a game

  5. He can just simply do crossover instead of drive in it was mkr easy 😅😅

  6. Bro go play ludo 😅clearly yellow t shirt boy is doin double dribble and the skills are very unhealthy to see😮

  7. They should be Playing better according to their age

  8. Double ho gaya yellow jersey Wala ka😂😂

  9. बलिदान परम धर्म says:

    Fkk this. Why tf recommended to me😂

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