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#1 Purdue vs Northwestern Basketball Game Highlights 2 12 2023

Matthew Loves Ball
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#1 Purdue vs Northwestern Basketball Game Highlights 2 12 2023
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  1. I am a UCLA fan whose basketball buddy is a Tarheel. We have been saying it, but….
    Does this season seem like no one is "safe?" It seems like a rotating door when doing the national AP rankings, as ranked teams are being "upset" seemingly everyday.
    Just our opinion…..essentially, there are many exciting games to watch and root for the "underdog" this year

  2. Matt, thanks for geting this up… so fast.. i am a boiler maker fan but still they lost today.. hard to be Number 1 and play good every day ! keep up the good work

  3. Can we get that Villanova v Seton Hall 😢

  4. Thanks as always Matt! SIMPLY AMAZING!!! Phenomenal job of shutting down Purdue's big man and straight up taking that ball from them towards the end. Wonderful job of closing that Game NW. As a die hard Auburn fan, that win we have over NW earlier in the season is most certainly a Quad One. Congrats NW!

  5. I am not a Purdue fan but they are still the best team in the Nation. They will be tough to beat come March Madness

  6. Cant believe we lost this game, we rushed it at the end and because of that we played like shit. Way too many turnovers as well

  7. Great game ! Thanks Matt! Congrats NW. IU up next should be a great game!

  8. Northwestern just punched their NCAA tournament ticket.

  9. Also, great job with editing. I really appreciate the effort.

  10. Question for the AP Poll you Still think Purdue is No.1??

  11. Pathetically officiated game. Northwestern got away with anything they wanted in the 2nd half.

  12. NEVER EVER in my life have I seen such piss pour officials. They were all over Purdue PLAYERS and nothing was called. Coach must have paid them off. Piss pour Northwestern you didn’t win this game the officials won it for you. Big ten better look into this game and their officials. Someone paid those officials to REF so piss pour. I don’t care who wins but I want a fair game, that was not. Big ten better look into this game cause it was ridged with the officals

  13. Isn’t the big ten commissioner from Chicago????????? Funny how that works.

  14. I bet the officials had to help Northwestern win for fear they would be shot if they didn’t.

  15. Despite Iowa losing to Purdue earlier in the week, the game showed that Purdue is beatable with really good defensive pressure. Congrats Northwestern, for playing a really solid game in the second half 👏🏼

  16. I don’t have a dog in this fight, but Purdue has a lot more to worry about than officiating (fouls were even and Purdue shot more FTs btw). Three straight games with 16+ turnovers? And obviously no idea how to break the press. Those are real problems and will only compound now that the blueprint is out. If it wasn’t for a terrible first half of shooting for Iowa this would be three straight Ls using the same formula.

  17. The energy in the Northwestern student section was incredible today. I haven't seen celebrations quite like that in a long time

  18. Alabama the is the #1 team in the country.

  19. Wow, what a difference maker Brooks Barnhizer. That Kid just knows how to play. He made all the big winning plays down the stretch. Great Defense, great help defense on Edey. You have to have him in late in ball games. The kid is clutch, makes his free throws. He has great poise, no moment is too big for him. He will only get better. Fun to watch. What is he like a freshman?

  20. Purdue's guard play is looking a bit sus lately

  21. Absolutely wild that Purdue's entire End Game offense is just "feed it to Edey in the paint" even when they are double teaming and stripping him on back to back possessions

  22. Purdue has lost the edge it had earlier in the season. You want to get better as the season goes on and peak during the tournament. They look like they could take an early exit from the big dance.

  23. Turnovers, turnovers, turnovers. That’s the bottom line. I heard somewhere they got 22 points off those TO’s. That and not much offensive output from anyone other than Edey. Double Edey, b physical and pressure the guards constantly above the 3 point line and throw in 3/4 court press with a trap and u can beat Purdue. If you’re a true Purdue fan this isn’t a shock at all despite the 23-3 record. March is coming n so is Purdue choking. Thanks for giving northwestern the biggest win of their lifetime, I have a feeling Maryland will b a big fat L too👏

  24. You can't underestimate any team in the big Ten and its been like that for years now..

  25. Looks like Northwestern is tournament bound after this humungous win..

  26. It's amazing what's possible when Purdue is actually called for fouls. The tournament is not going to be kind to them in my opinion. Very beatable.

  27. Northwestern didn't win Purdue beat themselves 💥

  28. Again, Matt you're awesome for doing this, but please cover the scores of other games at the bottom of the screen! you're losing views on videos cuz the bottom line spoils scores! Just a Heads UP!

  29. is it just me or or these refs blind, the were literally jumping edey, sliding tackling smith and foulin, like excuse me?

  30. As an unbiased fan watching this game live, horrendous officiating down the stretch. Northwestern was getting away with murder every time they sent the double team, cylinder rule was nonexistent. Teams will not be able to defend that way in the tournament. Makes the Big 10 really hard to watch and probably part of the reason the conference rarely makes deep tournament runs.

  31. Lol that's what happens when you keep relying on the same offense lmao the big man can't do it all yea they have few shooter's but they need a new play book cause the one they have has fallen apart

  32. Safe to say that this was the biggest win in Northwestern's history. Purdue looks rickety in the backcourt though, especially under pressure.

  33. Security guard at 25:21 just trying to hit a student with the elbow? What is he doing?

  34. 18:54 Nicholson wraps his arm under Edey's and he gets the call? Wtf?
    Then Furst gets clobbered on the head at 19:04

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