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#1 Purdue vs Michigan Basketball Game Highlights 1 26 2023

Matthew Loves Ball
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#1 Purdue vs Michigan Basketball Game Highlights 1 26 2023
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  1. Fellas our team is soft im sorry gotta tell it like it is.

  2. Being though I now live in Boston from Indiana the Purdue Boilermakers football and basketball team was always my favorite and still is and I also have love for the Georgia bulldogs and have for a long time as well

  3. 👏👏👏
    You deliver the best game highlights! Had to work during the game, blocked all news, and got home and got to see only the plays that matter and save an hour and half of life 🤓
    BTFU 🔨🔨🔨

  4. Michigan lacks experience, defense and just does not have the play makers. This program has been garbage since Beliene left.

  5. All I can say is heal up real quick, Jett Howard. We need you if we are to make the dance.

  6. more evidence as to how purdue is highly overrated.

  7. Road games in the BIG are always a challenge. This addressed the question about Purdue would win against a team with another big man. Great team effort including the freshmen. Boiler Up!

  8. Big man for pudue got too many easy shots. Can't play him one on one. Maybe a zone

  9. The law of averages is not on Purdue's side to keep winning games by 5 points or less.

  10. Impressive gentlemen!!!! GO BLUE!!!!

  11. Jett howard will be back.joey baker will play lots of three points.michigan will be OK for tournament resume. Williams should be sixth man.4 points for 21 min. Joey Baker should be starting five.

  12. Big road win for Purdue!!! Go Blue! I've since the 70's liked Boiler basketball. Coach Keady, coach Painter, and Mackey Arena along with Assembly Hall and the Breslin Center in my opinion the best home courts in the Big. Go Blue!

  13. This game was a bad news/good news situation for Michigan. The bad news was that Michigan lost the game. The good news was that the Michigan coach didn't punch anybody on the opposing team or coaching staff and that shows real growth on his part. Michigan fans should be proud of their coach.

  14. yeah, Purdue made one more field goal than Michigan (I have a friend from OSU who can't pronounce this 'word' AND refuses to say it)! Purdue made seven more free throws than Michigan. Purdue made six more turnovers than Michigan. Michigan made four more 3 pointers than Purdue. the game was closer than I thought (and I watched most of the game standing up…..WHILE IN MY HOUSE)!

  15. 19:47 That is the most Michigan shot there is. Trying to play solo hero ball.

  16. Gracias, Señor Matthew. Still an old guy here in Puebla, México… Purdue Class of '74 B.S. Math and viendo tus videos. Sometimes I switch between inglés y Spanish without realizing it. It could be mi edad… 73. RT sends… envía…

  17. Was a great game for michigan since Juan didn't even punch anyone! Progress!

  18. Officiating in the first half had me scared for the second, glad they held on though 💪🚂

  19. You know it's a featured game when Raff is courtside. His passion for basketball brings the game to another level.

  20. Thanks, I couldn't watch the whole game. Sometimes I wish they would stop trying to showboat with fancy passing and drives. So aggravating to watch them turn it over, especially back-to-back bullshit. Slow it down a little and set up for a good pass, open shot etc. etc. my god. Glad they won, but the only games I have gotten to watch this year have all been the tight ones starting with Nebraska.

  21. Tschetter is the reason UM lost. Dude looks absolutely lost defensively and thinks hitting one shot gives him a reason to celebrate like they weren't even halfway through the 1st.

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