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#1 Gonzaga vs Pepperdine Basketball Game Highlights 2 16 2022

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#1 Gonzaga vs Pepperdine Basketball Game Highlights 2 16 2022
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  1. I love the highlight videos this channel produces👍🏼

  2. Gonzaga has played nobody. The teams they have played that are ranked 2-2… Texas Tech is the most impressive win.

  3. Gonzaga fans always pretending the zags are an elite team. Meanwhile they play teams like Pepperdine with 20 losses. How many championships does Gonzaga have? I’ll wait.

  4. Zag haters coming out of the woodwork, I just ignore them.

  5. I think the Zags are a good team. In fact, when it comes to shooting I would say they are a great team for the most part. But I do wonder how dominant they would be if the played Arizona. I think they would have some real problems trying to contain them. If they even could.

  6. This the sh*t gonzaga does they beat up on bad teams then get beat by actual good teams in march

  7. Another tournament resume building win for the Zags.

  8. Gonzaga fans trying to make saint marys sound like a powerhouse because they know they play zero competition. No wonder you never win the natty.

  9. 5:15 That was TERRIBLE! I can hear my old high school coach clowning him in the film session after defense like that. 😂

  10. Wonder what their record would be if they played in a PT conference… probably two more losses both road. I hope we get to see Auburn vs Gonzaga.

  11. Hey, has anyone ever pointed out that Gonzaga plays in a mid-major conference?

  12. I think this would sum everything up

    Pepperdine: beat San Jose State (Mountian West)

    Pacific: beat UCSB (Big West)

    San Francisco: beaten, Davidson (Atlantic 10) Nevada (Mountain West) UAB (Conference USA) Fresno State (Mountain West) Arizona State (PAC 12)

    BYU: beaten, San Diego St. (Mountain West) Oregon (PAC 12) Utah (PAC 12) Utah State (Mountain West) Liberty (ASUN Conference)

    Santa Clara: beaten, CSUF (Big West) Stanford (PAC 12) Nevada (Mountain West) TCU (BIG 12) San Jose State (Mountain West)

    Saint Mary's: beaten, Norte Dame (ACC) Oregon (PAC 12) Utah State (Mountain West) UCSB (Big West)

    Gonzaga: beaten, Texas(Big 12) UCLA (PAC 12) Texas Tech (Big 12)

  13. Thank you for this highlight video. Always and forever a zag fan.

  14. Gonzaga conference is high school, ridiculous

  15. Been a Zag fan for over 20 years. Tommy Lloyd should be the Coach of the Year, but with Gonzaga's talent and with a generational player in Holmgren; they should win it all!

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