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#1 Duke vs Ohio State Basketball Game Highlights 11 30 2021

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#1 Duke vs Ohio State Basketball Game Highlights 11 30 2021
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  1. It's fucking #1 duke in your house. Why did it take until 19:26 in the video for the place to get loud?

  2. King kololikilo scg 4 life thots cleve finest man

  3. The last time Duke came to C-Bus they lost by 22. Hard to believe that was ten years ago.

  4. Ohio State actually matched up pretty well with Duke. Then they completely took over the game in the final 3 minutes.

  5. Ohio State will be near elite if they can stop with the turnovers and improve on foul shooting (as they did in the last 5 minutes) and when they get their 2 key starters back they should be even better. I just hope we don’t have to rematch Duke in MM.

  6. Terp fans are elated tonight watching Ohio State fans storm the court on Duke! Great performance by Ohio State tonight! Congrats!

  7. Ohio state normally has a Bball that can compete and win against any team. No big deal till the National Championship.. Chill

  8. I expected the Bucks to give them a real game but to win with all those turnovers and missed FTs is insane! They showed incredible toughness

  9. damn, Duke didn't score for the final 4 and a half minutes. OSU went clampdown mode on em on defense, props to them

  10. Yesss! THAT'S WHAT YOU GET DUKE! Give back the #1 to Gonzaga!

  11. I knew Duke was just a 1hit Wonder against Zags!!!😂

  12. Fun fact, the last time Michigan beat OSU in football, OSU beat duke and then made the final four. Osu just lost to Michigan for the first time since, and beat duke! xD

  13. I love when people that "know" and get paid to talk about basketball say this was an upset. This wasn't an upset at all.

  14. Hell y'all did good guys if we can just improve on the free throws we'll be back in the top 10 Liddell defensive plays and Key balling in the inside big boy moves let's goo got a long season ahead of us

  15. I really don’t like this transfer portal bullshit. Cuz it causes a chemistry issue. How the hell can u have chemistry when ur entire starting lineup is from all different schools lol. Of course Marist has everyone nice n local cuz who the hell would wanna transfer there 😡

  16. First true away game for Duke, and plus Ohio St seems like they have the potential to be a great defensive team this year. KY coming soon, we will see how good we are

  17. please add nba and nfl games as well your highlights are better than nba and espn youtube highlights

  18. 23:02 see why even bring it up! Goodness, already ruined my day lol. Jeez this is a whole different sport dweeb.

  19. Palo banacor lost 20 pounds he has bad cramps that is why they lost

  20. Wow amazing game, definitely didn’t see this one coming

  21. As a Kentucky fan we tip our glass to you State

  22. Coach K is very old now and time for him to retire.
    How the hell a number one team (7-0) is going to lose against a team that is not even in the rankings and has a mediocre record (4-2), really?

  23. Every time Duke loses, an angel gains its wings!

  24. Talking Heads: "How does Ohio State make points ? By taking care of the Ball. You mean they don't have to put it through that round ring, just give it a bath and a massage ? One of the players has a pet snake…..And ?" It's amazing what the mute button will accomplish.

  25. Imo, banchero should be kicked off the team or, just like any regular person, get some jail time. But ya know, superstar treatment goes a long way I guess

  26. Ohio State tried their best to hand them the dub….take care of the ball!!! lol

  27. Jeremy Roach – trash
    Trevor Keels – declining
    Wendell Moore – inclining
    Pablo Banchero – 1 & done
    Mark Williams – inclining

    Joey Baker – disappointing
    Theo John – needs more playing time
    A.J. Griffin – needs more playing time
    Jaylen Blakes – why isn't he playing 🤔

  28. Roach isn't cutting it at point guard he should've slowed and controlled the pace of the game got the ball swinging around for better shots and put extreme pressure on Ohio State's ball handler in the last 5 minutes of this game!!!!

  29. Zed key 🔑, but to many turn over s go Buckeyes

  30. one of these announcers went really quiet around the 3 minute mark on the gameclock.

  31. One and Done University does NOT have a basketball program anymore, what they have is an extension of an NBA farm system! Ha Ha Dook Vital, I'm sure were very upset by this loss, good!

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