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#1 Duke vs Ohio State Basketball Game Highlights 11 30 2021

Matthew Loves Ball
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#1 Duke vs Ohio State Basketball Game Highlights 11 30 2021
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  1. From us Gonzaga fans, thank you Ohio for beating duke.

  2. This OSU team has been very frustrating to watch so far this season, they seem to have no team chemistry at all. The first 36 minutes of this game were no different. That's what makes the last 4 minutes of this game so ridiculously amazing! Hopefully they can use those 4 minutes to right the ship going forward.

  3. I swear Ej Liddle be making the most weirdest fade aways ever bro never miss them turn around midrange shots lmao

  4. Any team that plays Duke is my favorite team. Way to go OSU.

  5. Dayton beats #4 Kansas and Ohio State beats #1 Duke……Go Ohioans!!!!

  6. gosh, can’t believe we lost to ohio state..we should have beat them by 12, easily..we can’t be taking these soft teams light..they’re boring, but you still have to stick the guy 🧐..

  7. Yeah where's those Duke fans, saying they were going undefeated this season? Must be somewhere crying in a corner lol

  8. As a Purdue fan, couldn't be more happy about this. Just need to get past Iowa and #1 we are. Also, if MSU, UM and Wisconsin can get W's tonight the B1G as a whole is looking much stronger than just a week ago.

  9. Well…. time for all those expert analysts who were fawning over Duke to review and revise. Way to go OSU.

  10. It was a lot of ticky tac fouls being called going both ways

  11. It doesnt take away the sting of losing to TTUN but still good stuff!!!

  12. Realy like football. But this is the greatest sport. Go bucks O-H

  13. Great gutsy win. But OMG the missed free throws gheesus" Go Buckeyes

  14. Nice win OSU. It's easy to like Liddle's game, he is all business.

  15. Damn. Announcer had to get in that football lose knife slice in there at the end

  16. Great game for Ohio state Keels need to work on his jumper he can play but his jumper not consistent he still a powerhouse freshman! Duke be playin wild lol😅 majority of the time they need to get in rhythm on offense! Ohio state played good defense and they was in rhythm on offense the whole game! Great comeback and win for the Buckeyes 💯💥🔥

  17. Love this from Columbus Ohio with the big loss to Michigan I take this game

  18. As a Duke fan good game Ohio state. This was super needed for my young guys on this Duke team. Best wishes on y’all season.

  19. Zed Key is a monster in the low post 💪🏾

  20. Fell asleep last night with about 18 min left in the 2nd half. I guess Duke went to sleep with about 4 and half min left in the 2nd half. Thanks again Matt for these highlights.

  21. Duke yall gotta run more pic and rolls that will open up for jump shots you gotta identify what works for what team and strategies on the fly 🤦🏿‍♂️

  22. The refs tried to help Duke like against Kentucky

  23. Beat #1 by hitting free throws – take that, Shaq!

  24. Ohio state trash we wont do that again most definitely

  25. Love seeing duke lose, cheers to Ohio from Kansas

  26. Normally I never root for the Buckeyes… But I hate Duke too so, great to see them fall flat after taking number 1 from Gonzaga.

  27. Great game. But let me just say Dook Vital is the Biggest HYPOCRITE in all of College basketball. He had a problem with college players being fairly compensated for the skill set and talents but on the other hand he does'nt have a problem with a coach making $9 million or more a year! He and the Rat are the Biggest Frauds in College basketball!

  28. Well, Ohio State sure got something to cheer about now after what happened at Michigan.

  29. Michigan fan here. Go Bucs. That was fucking awesome!

  30. Wendell moore should be handling and looking to score down the stretch. Especially if Paolo is struggling. Hes very capable more than anyone else on that roster to do so.

  31. Great win the other night by the B-Ball Buckeyes, and, yes, as mentioned in the video, it did take the sting out of the football Bucks losing at Michigan. Now, on to the hardwood. Go Bucks!!!

  32. Oh hey look at that, duke doesn’t shoot twice as many free throws as their opponent and they lose. go figure.

    Free throws:
    Duke 23 UK 7 = Duke wins by 8
    Duke 25 Gonzaga 11 = Duke wins by 3
    Duke 16 Ohio State 22 = Duke loses by 5

    Typical good but not great Duke team being propped up by lopsided officiating. but i think we all expected as much on K’s farewell tour. NCAA tournament should be fun(BIG kap)

  33. Am I the only one witness the fixed was in as Duke threw the game on PURPOSE?

  34. Duke last basket came at 4:29 in the 2nd half! FLUKE! I call bullshit!

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