🫣 ANGEL REESE FLAGRANT FOULS CAITLIN CLARK! Whacks Her Head! WNBA Indiana Fever vs Chicago Sky - bestfungamesll.com

🫣 ANGEL REESE FLAGRANT FOULS CAITLIN CLARK! Whacks Her Head! WNBA Indiana Fever vs Chicago Sky

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  1. Gotta love how Reese almost takes Caitlin's head off and doesn't bother to help her up. Maybe she did it on purpose.

  2. I've seen some sh*tty play thrown at Clark.. Carrington another game, acted like Clark was faking her reaction, when she just got hip checked hard by her.. and she moved just like anyone would.

  3. UFC swipe. Was closer to head than ball. No remorse or apology or checking if CC ok is the worst part. There was no chance of reaching ball hence the downward swipe towards CC’s head. Obviously non basketball from someone who has been watching ball since 80’s but what do I know.

  4. Angel Reese said she'll always go for the ball. If this is really the case then she should probably try and become a better defender because that shit wasn't even close.

  5. The longer and longer they keep letting girls take cheap shots on Clark the worse and worse it's going to get for the WNBA. Not as if it isn't already a bleak situation/league anyways.

  6. Get that Reece chick off the court. It's not her we are here for.

  7. The cattiness of her opponents won’t drive out of the league.

    The cattiness of her teammates might.


  9. SMH it’s the Mentality of this culture!
    It was obviously an Intentional Foul!

  10. This process makes the English football Premier League VAR look amazing, quick, accurate and slick!

  11. Angel Reese was looking at the ball. If she was looking at Clark then yeah maybe it was intentional but she definitely wasn't. Sports can be dangerous and shit happens.

  12. South Park strikes again… Angel Reese is clearly one of the "Crab People."

  13. The wnba does not deserve Caitlyn Clark…She is to good of a player & to good of a person, she should take up the Ice Cube offer.

  14. For those of us that play street ball where there is no blood no foul, this play my ass is a basketball play, she knew she got beaten on the play and was never ever going to get that ball, she hit her on purpose, and this is from a street baller.

  15. I would pretend to be unconscious for kicks

  16. Normal DIRTY play from who, Reese? Nevee heard of Reese before Clark.

  17. i'm not 100 percent sure it's an intentional foul. IN all the replays, Reese has her eyes up toward the ball, which makes me inclined to believe that the ball is her target and not Caitlyn Clark. But I'm not sure. That being said, we have seen so many flagrant fouls against Clark, that the WNBA officials now have to hyper police any foul against her. This is the leagues fault by essential putting a bounty on her head as soon as she got into the league, and it's going to take a while of non flagrant action against her to have it level out. This is the bed they chose to make, now they have to lay in it.

  18. Can't believe writers, sports writers, and other pundits are saying the headshot wasn't intentional. 100% reese watched and swung thru hard with the intent of hitting her in the head. so either reese is such a pathetic classless player and willfully tries to hurt anyone or is a classless pathetic and spiteful player who really has it out for clark. so yes,,,the wnba has a ugly underbelly like the nba used to be known for but the difference is that people want to protect the low class individuals.

  19. Clark is just like any other WNBA rookie…she’s just had a few more welcome to the WNBA moments, and I’m glad. I wanna see what she’s made of…lol, she’s not in Iowa anymore. God knows Frank Isola thinks she’s the best thing since sliced light bread…and before anyone thinks I’m racist, that’s what we call bread here in Northern Louisiana.

  20. If that was a basketball play by Angel Reese, it was one of the dumbest ones I've ever seen. Her teammate #20 had a clean block under the rim. But Reese ruined it. She had a cleaner block of Caitlin Clark's head. 😂

  21. WNBA should punished Angel , she’s really jealous to Caitlin she’s not sport though.

  22. OH MY GOD…. Everyone gets foul, why is Clark any different than any other WNBA Player. The damn Media created her and now she's getting the normal treatment like everyone else.

  23. FLAGRANT FOUL? She took the front part of a forearm to the head. That isnt a punch. Its gonna hurt the arm just as much. Clark is the only one being flagrant. Terrible call.

  24. Why dont they just call it like it is assault.

  25. First let me say, "I love me some Caitlin Clark!" I am proud of her and I root for her. I think her Parents did a great job raising her. I understand it looks bad but the hard/abusive fouls are a part of the game for upstarts. In The NBA every team beat the crap out Michael Jordan during his early years. You have to go thru the gauntlet to have peer appreciation & respect!

  26. What her fans want is no defense at all anytime or anyway against her. Make sure everyone stays at least 10 feet away so she can score every time, if she misses a 3 pointer, the opposing players are supposed to quickly back away, make sure she can run up, let her get her own rebound go back out to the 3 point line, keep trying until she scores. If she drives anywhere in the paint, they should immediately step out, and aside, her team should win every game, she is supposed to score everytime she touches the ball, any team that plays her should automatically lose, if she's walking to and from the locker room, make sure the floor is spotless and dry, so she doesn't accidentally slip, etc… Sounds ridiculous, but that's how the basketball bounces with her😂😂

  27. No teammate stands up for Clark. No one gets Angel Reese back on the next play. That's a BIG part of basketball!!!
    No one gets to bully anyone in the NBA without consequence. The lack of heart in the WNBA is just shocking to witness.

  28. Black lesbians are very racist….way to help the wnba .. pathetic

  29. Draymond Green do that he suspended for a month ..

  30. No way she was going for the ball. How can the commentators say she was? Reese saw an opportunity to take a cheap shot and she did. Why is it that Caitlin is always on the receiving end of these fouls? Who is it that keeps commiting them? Seems like it's a certain group always dishing them out to a certain other group..

  31. If Clark was Blk, all of you all would not give a sh_____TTTT. How she was treated by other players. The blatant racism shown in the WNBA toward this Wh____T is disgusting………lololol!!! Larry Bird all over again!!!!

  32. Angel Reese is such an obvious cunt but you can't say that in the US. Fortunately, I'm in Europe at the moment.

  33. For one cc head isnt the ball the ball was going in but apparently didn't. Reese is apparently jealous and afraid of CC

  34. Clark just got a $28M contract from Nike. The money is starting to flow. That means that any competitor to Nike is now looking for another star player to dump a bunch of money on. But it likely won't be Reese. No corporation is going take a chance on a violent cheater tarnishing their brand. If Reese would simply focus on the game her net worth would exceed $1.7M.

  35. Why is everybody overreacting? We’ve seen this happening in the NBA with players the same race this country is so messed up.

  36. Reese was like “Shit” cus she knew that whistle was against her.😂

  37. I hate to say it but we all know it’s racial. Last year I watch our Memphis Lady Tigers (who are an all black team) get their asses handed to them by Bowling Green an all white team. In the handshake line up after the game one of the lady Tigers sucker punched one girl ghetto style, almost knocking her out. We all know why she was so upset, her concept of racial athletic superiority was tarnished. The superstar of women’s basketball right now is white, and people can’t stand it. CC is facing similar situations like Jesse Owens or Jackie Robinson.

  38. Is it competition or is it being jealous cause a WHITE GIRL is the TRUTH and there black asses cant take it

  39. Jealousy shows you know you are not as good as who you are jealous of.

  40. Zero people would know Angel’s name if she played 5 years earlier or 5 years later than Clark. She’s generic

  41. Hey, I really don’t care, I’m only watching these minute clips to see the hard hits. But only when her teammates rally around her and start throwing down full bench clearing, it’ll never stop. But by all means, lol, let them hurt Caitlyn so she can’t draw the crowds. There’s a reason WNBA sucks but these women are so stupid

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