🤕 Poa Leaves ON STRETCHER, Angel Reese & LSU Tigers In TEARS In SEC Tournament Semifinal vs Ole Miss - bestfungamesll.com

🤕 Poa Leaves ON STRETCHER, Angel Reese & LSU Tigers In TEARS In SEC Tournament Semifinal vs Ole Miss

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  1. The back of my head hit the basketball court when I was wrestling my friend in the gym and it was no fun. Everything went dark for a while.

  2. Assess, assess, assess before ever moving someone. Damn the refs, damn the kids for encouraging to get her up. Damn the professional medical people for not rushing on to the court to assess her condition.

  3. The players and staff didn’t know. Players fall all the time and teammates or opponents helps them up. Stop criticizing them. We can all talk a lot of 💩 after looking at the video.

  4. Ppl are so slow u never move someone with a head injury SMH

  5. i had a mini conscussion and blacked put for a few seconds from getting hit in the head witha baskeball i cant imagine this

  6. Just call a spade a spade. The medical staff weren't prepared and were being lazy. Didn't want to get out their chairs unless they absolutely had to.

  7. Was she concussed? Seems like it from the almost immediate crying…that’s a symptom I believe…also being unable to walk? Wtf kinda sorry response was that from medical trainers

  8. The school or athletic trainers, or whoever is in charge of caring for these types of injuries could have and should be sued if anything happens to her that could have been prevented if they hadn’t FORCED HER UP AND WALKING without taking precaution…heck, even man slaughter if God forbid she would’ve died bc of the lack of precautionary measures that didn’t take place, this is unbelievable! I thought D1 athletes would at least get semi competent athletic trainers and professionals. One of the most basic things taught about head injures is to not move the person until they are absolutely sure they are able to – this is absolutely unacceptable.

  9. Why the emt walking so slow
    The medical trainer did everything poorly

  10. I don't understand how her head banged so strong against the ground. Why didn't she try to hold her head up as she fell?

  11. I hope the medical attention protocol was revised after this.

  12. They shouldn't move that girl from the ground, it looks like she had a bad hit, it could affects her spine forever. Hope not, hope she is fine my prayers for her

  13. I had something like this happen to me and my middle school girls team. Our choir teacher tripped and busted her head open and there was blood everywhere. It was hella traumatizing.
    ( btw it happened this year)

  14. "She's Alright let her breathe" when I heard that pissed me CLEAN OFF! this girl bashed the back of her head, and y'all are just trying to manhandle her off the court…GTFOH. Mulkey walking all slow, like come on now….when Caitlin Clark faked that stomach injury it was 911 on the court…SMDH

  15. If Trump was the president of the US, this would have never happened!

  16. She did try herself to get up obviously someone should of step up and said no wait let’s have her examined. Then not have her walk

  17. Angel was like forcing her to stay up. This was a sht show

  18. Oh my. She should have had spinal securing right where she went down. 😒😮‍💨

  19. Proper emergency response and medical treatment needed. That wasn't it.

  20. These girls didn’t know that she had a head injury, all they knew was that they were trying to help one of their toughest teammates up. Don’t be so hard on them. It’s the medical staff that should’ve jumped up and handled the situation.

  21. This sport should be charged with crimes against humanity for how they have treated women! Simple logic calls the medic out first not last! The sanctioning body will have to answer to a world court for your crimes of Stares and US on the global stage!

  22. Ok why they taking forever to tend her????? 🤦‍♂️

  23. This has got to be the slowest medical response ever

  24. Why would Kim step over like that bad coach

  25. 優しいね本当に同じチームで

  26. Terrifying and Sad to see. And Not once, whatsoever did the opposing Players nor coach come over to say anything. Not even a show of Concern and Respect. In Fact the Player involved, and others stood with Proud like Facial expressions. And that pissed me off.

  27. Must have been a Mississippi station. They were very deliberate not to replay the violent tackle.

  28. 21 is so wrong why would she do that she had to have a aditude

  29. I'm 29 years old, not a genius, and far from anything close to a medical expert, and the fact that I knew she had a concussion the second her head hit the floor and the "medical staff" didn't is sad and scary

  30. That’s definitely a mild or heavy concussion

  31. Little late for C Stabilization after your piss poor training staff literally walks her 50 feet, on top of allowing her to be basically jerked around by her teammates. I get the players don’t know, but my god the training staff basically walked to her, even after seeing her instability!

  32. And this is why i NEVER would take a charge when I played ball. Im not about to let someoje run me over at full speed.


  34. Amazing how many doctors are in the comment section

  35. That was a charging foul, ran into her with her shoulder like she was a running back

  36. You could hear it hit even in the noise of the crowd and game.

  37. Divine healing in JESUS CHRIST MIGHTY NAME, Amen

  38. I love 💗 when crowds at basketball games and NFL games chants players names to let them know for support

  39. ….

    17 seconds I counted from the time she hit the floor till first one then two trainers were out. Unreal. When I was a team medic I was always there nearly instantly after the play was blown dead and heck no no one is picking her up if she hit her head.

  40. The officials seemed very indifferent.

  41. They did not force her she wanted to try to get up with help of her teammates and decided to go down. Kim (coach) was there the whole time. Hope she’s okay and well

  42. Steffson did all that just to miss 🙄🙄

  43. That was charging and the player who hit her should ejected from the game and suspended! There is no room for dirty play.

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