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🇺🇸 USA vs. 🇪🇸Spain – 🏀 Basketball Final London 2012!

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Enjoy these throwback moments to the Olympic Basketball Final of the USA’s Dream Team against Spain from the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London, England.

What is your favourite Olympic moment of all time? Let us know in the comments below and it might be featured in the next #Throwback!

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  1. 4 OKC Players at the time at the final

  2. The BEST match of national team I see in my live.

  3. Usa vs Spain
    Usa vs Argentina
    Spain vs Argentina
    Best rivalries in basketball

  4. Just when you thought you couldn’t get better in 2008, you go ahead and get 3 more future MVPs on your team in KD, Harden, and Westbrook 😂

  5. awkwardly long hug Kobe at the end there

  6. That USA team has to be forbidden to take, they are all hall of fame like in 2008, that one from 2012 was only missing Curry and Spain lost 6-7 points…. Against the USA nobody wins only in 2004 without all the all stars or hall of fame going like the 12 they took between 2008 and 2012.

  7. Kobe Bryant (MVP)
    LeBron James (4× MVP)
    Kevin Durant (MVP)
    James Harden (MVP)
    Russell Westbrook (MVP)

    Might be the 2nd best Olympic team ever assembled.

  8. Glory days of spain give USA toughest game

  9. Why all Americans players are black African

  10. Spain plays basketball like they play football. A tikitaka kinda style. Swift precise no dwelling on the ball passing. Really satisfying to watch their game

  11. B4 I even finish watching this…USA won

  12. That starting lineup with CP3, Kobe, Lebron, KD, & Melo used to turn me on.

  13. Serge Ibaka didnt had the pass from his teammates

  14. Spain is almost touching Africa. Kinda makes sense.

  15. People say CP3 can't win championships, but he could win in the National Team the gold medals

  16. That group pose during that photo session truly shows how great the chemistry was in that 2012 US team.

  17. that just proves how great a team spain was!

  18. Does anyone know if any of these Spanish players made it to the NBA?

  19. 3pt % is only stat line in which US is better than Spain. Every other stat line is equal. That Spain team was actually a big treat

  20. Que juegazo dio España, dieron pelea hasta los últimos minutos del último cuarto que fue cuando USA se despegó más. Se quedaron muy cerca de dar una de las sorpresas más grandes en la historia del deporte para mi gusto

  21. I watched this match 11 years ago 🙂 big respect for both teams.

  22. Hope to play Steph, KD and Lebron in Paris 2024.

  23. Spain was really strong, tailing a team full of Superstars

  24. Juego de altísimo nivel!!! Woooow!!!lo he visto como en mil vecez y no deja de asombrarme!!!

  25. 2014 USA Fiba Team was the best. Best chemistry and made for international play. Beat every team they played by more than 20 points even in the gold medal game.

  26. For Spain to go toe to toe with a basketball juggernaut like USA just shows how incredible they were.

  27. To me this game was as scary as the 2008 final one.

  28. vergüenza EEUU !!! que un país tan pequeño como España contra una prepotente selección de estrellas que casi estuvisteis que cambiar los pañales ,GRANDE ESPAÑA ORGULLO DE SER ESPAÑOL VAMOSSSSSS!!!

  29. That time the Europeans almost defeated the USA "dream team" 😅👌🏻

  30. Kobe and Pao relationship is gold. How Pao has been to Kobe's family is nothing short of true friendship
    P.S. writing this in 2024

  31. 1:26 the girl next to Jesse Eisenberg asks “who was that?” after darrin Williams makes his shot😂😂😂

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